David Kutek is a Pharmacy Manager Based in Chicago

David Kutek is a Pharmacy Manager at a local hospital pharmacy in Chicago. His job involves supervising the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy while taking directions from medical practitioners, physical therapists and shares operating tasks with other outpatient pharmacy managers.

David Kutek’s job duties and responsibilities comprise of the following:

  • Improving & evaluating the manual of Policies & Procedures annually.
  • Maintaining & setting up system of records and prepare annual budgets.
  • Organizing, planning, and administering all the activities in relation to the pharmacy’s operations.
  • Providing proper guidance on certain prescriptions and medications in line with the hospital policies.
  • Rendering assistance to both professional and technical personnel in dispensing any medication sold to the hospital.

David Kutek is familiar with all the hospital regulations, guidelines, and practices in relation to dispensing medication to compounding pharmacies. He efficiently establishes & maintains good relationships with the departmental staff, supervisors, employees, and patients. He also oversees and evaluates the work of technical as well as non-technical staff.

David obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from one of the most reputed colleges in the United States. Later, he also completed a certification course in healthcare administration.


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