David Kutek is a Successful Sales Manager at a Reputed Firm in New York, USA


David Kutek is a New York based professional having many years of experience in the field of Sales Management. He is currently working with a leading US based company, where his job is to optimize the company’s value and vision, which in turn leads to improving the sale.

He is responsible for making sales plan and maximizing the potential of his sales team. He also justifies these plans to the company’s senior officials. David works in a challenging environment along with his staff by implementing new ideas in order to improve the sales figure of the organization. He is also responsible for identifying the current market needs along with his company’s new line of products.

Working in a big organization is always a challenging task and David Kutek takes important steps to meet the sales targets. He is responsible for the advertisement and promotion of the products and put a lot of efforts in order to make them popular among the people. He keeps a track on all the sales executives and makes sure their assignments are completed in time. He is responsible for maintaining the sales performance of the company. He is also responsible for designing strategic business plans for the company that ensures its long lasting presence.

David Kutek strives hard to maintain long lasting relationship with the clients by understanding their needs. He is also managing the expenses and revenues of the company and he presents the forecast to the management team. The plans and strategies designed by him always benefit the company. Over the years, he has gained in-depth experience and understanding of the market conditions that helps him to formulate sales strategies accordingly.


David Kutek is a Renowned Molecular Biologist in California, US

Molecular-Biology Laborty

David Kutek is a California based Molecular Biologist having many years of experience. He works at a science research center where he analyzes & collects data about the relationship between environment and different organisms. As a Molecular Biologist, he is responsible for the management of team members for various research projects. His role is to supervise the team’s research in the laboratory in order to ensure their quality of work. His responsibilities also include the following:

  • Measuring the physical, acidity, salinity, oxygen content, and other conditions of water in order to determine their relation to marine life.
  • Analyzing basic principles of both animal and plant life such as their anatomy, origin, anatomy, and development.
  • Works along with the research teams in more than one project.
  • Apart from supervising the staff, he hires, trains, assigns technologists, technicians to research projects.

David Kutek is an expert in using high-tech equipment such as Chromatograms and Thermocyclers. In addition to this, he also utilizes the latest technology such as CMS (Computer Modeling Software) He is very proficient in the usage of different chemical enzymes in order to create genetically enhanced DNA. David plans and administers various bio-research programs for manufacturing and medical industries. He communicates test results to both federal and state representatives.